Round Valley Indian Housing Authority
Round Valley Indian Housing Authority
Program Policies and Procedurres including Applications
Home Buyers Assistance Policies and Procedures - Our policies and procedures to help us determine how we can best help you.
Occupancy Policy  - The RVIHA Admissions and Occupancy Policy

Collection and Eviction Policy - The RVIHA Collection Policy

Building Horizons Program Permission Slip - Permission slip that parents must sign in order for their children to participate in general program events
Emergency Housing Assistance - The application form for emergency housing assistance
Housing Rehabilitation Program and Emergency Rehabilitation Program
Release of information form - Release of information form
Grievance Form - The RVIHA Grievence Form
Application For Employment - The RVIHA Application for Employment
For the agendas and minutes, please go to this page: Agenda and Minutes
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Annual Financial AUDIT 13-14
Round Valley Final 2015 IHP 7-16-2014
Round Valley Final Final 2016 IHP 8-5-2015 TV
Residency Application
Form 501
Form 509
RFP A & E Services     Request For Competitive Proposals